How to eat a cupcake

How to eat a cupcake

Last week, my dear friend Susan Calahan surprised me and Stella with a dozen cupcakes. But she went all out and bought them from the Sugar Bakery (winner of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” in 2010)!  Since Stella merely poked at the beautiful birthday cake I made her in October, and practically ran away from it, I decided to try again. This time, she didn’t disappoint. Sugar overload manifested later: Cranky Pants refused to eat dinner and take a bath and do anything else I kindly asked her to do. But cake smash pictures were worth the temporary insanity, and now she doesn’t have to look at another cupcake until she turns two.

2015-11-19 14.50.40-12015-11-19 14.51.282015-11-19 14.50.442015-11-19 14.51.39-12015-11-19 14.51.00-12015-11-19 14.51.44-22015-11-19 14.57.152015-11-19 14.57.32

Eating a cupcake part I

Eating a cupcake part II


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