Stella has a panda fetish. We don’t recall how it started. Christian Mouritsen gave her a beanie baby panda in November, and then it got lost in a toy box for a few months. It might have originated with a $15 Black Friday purchase at Ocean State Job Lot–Jesse bought her a (giant-ish) panda. But I think Big Panda just hung out on the floor until January. And then in January, Grandma and Grandpa sent her a package with MORE STUFFED ANIMALS and one of them was a panda.

By February, Stella was saying Panda, Panda, Panda all day long. She started watching Kung Fu Panda movie trailers on YouTube, carrying Medium Panda around everywhere, and feeding her pandas water, cookies, and grapes. When Medium Panda got grubby, we threw him into the tub during bath time. Stella was excited for two seconds, then very disappointed when she realized that she couldn’t lift him after he had been submerged in the water. Last week we bought an umbrella stroller and assembled it in the living room. The first to test it out? Big Panda, courtesy of Stella propping him up in the seat.

Once the grandparents realized how much she loves pandas, the panda paraphernalia started rolling in from Amazon: a pair of knee-high panda socks; a solar-powered bobble head panda globe; 12 teeny panda figures in a tube; a panda stapler; a panda backpack…

We couldn’t be happier. If you’re going to have a fetish, why not pandas?

She likes other things too: her rhino, her chameleon, beaded necklaces, putting on shoes, putting socks and shoes on other people, pulling her own socks off at all inopportune moments, pointing out your nose and jamming her finger in your nostrils when you ask her where her nose is, lifting up other kids’ shirts to see if they have bellybuttons; and most recently–sitting at Mom’s desk, scribbling on scraps of paper and dumping my pencils and plastic ninjas from their cups and reorganizing them into all the wrong containers.

2016-02-28 10.32.48

S: Mom. I’m working. I could get more work done if you didn’t interrupt me. I don’t interrupt you when you’re working, geez….

Mom: Riigghht….

2016-02-28 10.32.472016-02-28 10.32.532016-02-28 10.32.552016-02-28 10.37.462016-03-03 16.54.19.jpgI also bought her an easel, thinking she would appreciate it, given her new scribbling penchant. But she mostly pokes holes in the paper and rips it into pieces.

She loves to talk and say these words: mama, dada, hi, hello, bye, up, apple, water (it’s rarely water, it’s waterwaterwaterwater), hat, hot (especially if she doesn’t want to eat her food), Freya, Stella, shoe, hey you, grandpa, night night, wow, pasta, baby, turtle, bagel, banana, and PANDA.

These are just a few of her favorite things…

Year of Panda [1]Year of Panda [4]Year of Panda [5]Year of Panda [6]Year of Panda [7]Year of Panda [9]Year of Panda [3]Year of Panda [2]Year of Panda [8]



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