Stella + lexicon = stexicon.

As far as we know, the following words/phrases or some variation thereof, are all part of Stella’s vocabulary at 20-21 months. This is only what I remember. She pretty much repeats everything you say, so the list goes on…

Food & eating: apple, pear, peach, peas, meat, rice, corn, milk, juice, juicy water, “Popocle” = Popsicle, plum, “nonut” = donut, pop corn, “sammo/sammish” = sandwich, yogurt, “sawbry” = strawberry, “boobry” = blueberry, “terry” = cherry, take/tuptake = cupcake, takake = pancake, toas = toast, bagel, takee = chocolate, and more recently “tokit tips!” = chocolate chips!, spoon, fork, bowl, cup, bib, wipe, bokki = broccoli, pizza, monano/mato = tomato, straw, smoothie, ice cream, treat, bite, eat, cereal, cheese, egg plant, bread, “hapeam” = ice cream (even though she can clearly say “ice,” it’s still “hapeam”), fagetti = spaghetti (apparently this is the funniest word ever because Stella laughs every time she says it), tarrot = carrot, onion, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, treat, yuck!, table, high chair, own chair, egg, egg plant

Animals: duck, moose, goose, “dumpy tat” (Grumpy Cat), kitty, “rabeep” = rabbit, monkey, “fock” = fox (we cringed every time she said “fox” in public because it sounded like a very inappropriate word, until she recently learned to say it properly, along with “rabbit”), seal,”hapapus” = ocopus, dog, puppy, panda, Chu, merpanda, owl/whoo, pig, horse, bird, uga= beluga, Deedo = Dino puppet, yama = llama, lidda = lizard, fish, turtle, frog, raff = giraffe, snail, sake = snake, teetah = cheetah, rhino, hippo, peacock, tiger, zebra, koala, mane (of a horse), roo = kangaroo, bear, purple stingray, seahorse, BEEG SHARK, whale, mouse, sheep/baa, beetle, bird, bug, spider, barnacles (on one of her whale toys), monkey

Body & functions: pee, poop, fart, booger, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, chin, ankle, elbow, back, neck, head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyebrow, eyelash, freckle, cheek, forehead, armpit, yucky poop, sleep, potty, nakek = naked, butt, hands, arm, feet, yeg = leg, face, left foot, right foot, heel

Bathtime: tubby, showa= shower, baff = bath, soap, shamoo = shampoo,  bubbles, comb, brush

Clothing/accessories: shoes, hat, shirt, pants, diaper, purse, bow, dress, diaper, banki = blanket, piyyo= pillow, turler = curler, suit, dassees = glasses, sunglasses, swim suit

Nature & outside: “pimo” = pinecone, tee = tree, water, fimmi = swimming, osha = ocean, pool, rock, hose, sweep, broom, swing, runni = running, wok = walk, sun screen, sandbox

Transportation: hedada = helicopter, pane = plane, white tar = white car, boat, runni = running, troya = stroller, tain = train, bike, cycle = motorcycle

Places: libee = library, dina = diner, beach, home, park, temple, circus, turch = church

People: self, you, me, momma, daddy, “poppa” = grandpa, “gigi” = granny (she’s transitioned to “Nanny”), Bert, Delia, “Rella” = Merella, Willaby, Uncle Dario, Pip, uncle, aunt, Paul, Rich, Katy, Carly, Audra, Bella, “Eba” = Evan, “Jeebop” = Jacob, “Megak” = Megan, “Lekee” = Lexi, Joey, “Jakon” = Jackson, “Danl” = Daniel, Taka, Shiho, Freya, Dave (the refrigerator repair man), Sheila (from grandpa’s work), Michelle (from Central School District Office), Donna (superintendent of CSD), baby, baby sister, brother, people, stinky uncle, “tildren” = children, teacher, Sophie, Ned, Lissa (Melissa Resch), Penny, Doogas (Lucas Resch), Auntie Sue, Diana, Auntie Jenni (Mouritsen), Debby (Van Renselaar)

Celebrities: Elsa, Anna, Ofaf = Olaf, Tushash = Kristoff, Sen = Sven, Madadah = Merida, “Momart” = Mozart, “Defifi” = Debussy; Pabo = Robin and Pablo (the monkey from Chu’s First Day at School) Rora = Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Rella = Cinderella, Mickey Mouse,  Jesus, Anel Monini = Angel Moroni, Amos Mcgee, Oleebia = Olivia the pig, Ian = Olivia’s brother, Perry = Olivia’s Dog, Edwin = Olivia’s cat, Reuchert (Veronica Reuchert, her nursery teacher), Big Bear (the 54″ stuffed bear from Costco), Wintergaten, Beethoven; Harry (Hypnosis Harry); Harry Robot

Songs & Books: Currently, her favorite songs to listen to us “sing” to her so she can fill in the blanks at the end of each verse, are: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Baby Beluga,” “I Love to See the Temple,” “I’m Trying to be Like Jesus,” “A Child’s Prayer,” “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes,” “I am a Child of God,” “Popcorn Popping”

Her favorite books are the Chu series by Neil Gaiman. The books are poorly edited, but fortunately Adam Rex’s incredible illustrations save the day. She also just discovered Olivia, one of my favorites. That’s how she learned about “TIME OUT,” and that “painting the wall” is “very bad” and gets you “in tubble” so you have to sit on the “stairs.”

Miscellaneous: yes, NO, EIYO (Ei-Ei-O from Old MacDonald), “mazing dump” = amazing jump, under arrest, rakal = rascal, oh beebee = from Baby Beluga, please + deedoo = thank you, buckek = bucket, dood dob = good job, yite = light, dark, day, away, happy, old, new, empty, few, many, something, anything, achoo!, BEEG seeze = big sneeze, Oh noooo!, all done, more, book, pikka = picture, phone, pooter = computer, pincess = princess, tiny, up, down, BOING!, tair = chair, tock = clock, boo, “tumfy” = comfy, buckle, “snappo!,” PERFECT!, tiny, little, AH HA!, BUSTED!, LISTEN!, baptize, anyway, garbage day, time out, very bad, painting the wall, ballerinas, tutu, town = clown, crown, WHAAAT?, HIYAAH!; pray

Phrases: Lizards eat cereal; I’m fine! (she says this when you try to take away the laptop); Do you like it?; Way up there; Jesus baptized; Mommy/Daddy/Poppa/Nanny baptized; I love you; sorry Daddy/Mommy/Nanny/Poppa; baby tying = baby crying; baby sleeping; be reverent; up and down!; dead beetle (because there are lots of those in the yard); bye bye dapes (every time we back out of the driveway and pass the grape vines), Yes I do!; make the bed; naked ______ (insert name of whoever isn’t wearing a shirt); dropped it!; pick it up; pretty music; try it on; shirt off; I’m tired; That was easy!; Oh maaaan!; What’s that?; oh SHOOT! (Daddy said this once while he was driving and someone almost merged into him. He forgot Stella was riding in the back and she burst out laughing when she heard him say it)

Colors and numbers: not interested. She can say all the colors and numbers, but doesn’t care about counting in order or correctly identifying most colors. Everything is “two” or “three.” And every color is pink. Thank you Pinkalicious.

I think kids are supposed to be able to say 20 words (AT LEAST) by age 2. I think we’re good here.

2016-08-08 09.32.15.jpg

Here’s Stella and Big Bear, who most of the time looks like an inebriated stranger camping out in the living room.  In the morning when she’s getting changed, she tries to put her diaper on him because she doesn’t want him to feel left out.

Reading Chu (sort of)



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