Old news

Old news

Dear Stella,

You’re getting a sister. Everybody else knows, but you don’t get it. You know what a baby is, and that I’m a lot fatter than I was 8 months ago, and you point to my tummy and say “sister,” and give her hugs and kisses. But then you also kick me in the tummy when you’re in the mood, so there’s still some disconnect there…

Fortunately, you like to watch TV now (your favorites are “Frozen Fever,” Jesus, a 10 minute clip of garbage trucks making their rounds around town, and Olivia) and you’re getting better at playing by yourself (just in time!).

Unfortunately, you’re not potty trained yet. Mom was potty trained at 16 months, so the story goes, but when we tried with you at 16 months, you would NOT sit still. At 18-19 months, you would say “poop” and point to your diaper. That’s when we should have taken potty training seriously. But Mom felt too gross from growing another human to bother with potty training, and Dad was in Japan, or trying to graduate from Yale, or something…

These days, you can be lured to the bathroom with the promise of chocolate chips and a chance to sit on the “princesses” (the $6 potty seat we found at Ross). Sometimes you’ll let us know when you have to pee. Most of the time you’ll actually pee in the toilet, but other times, you cry “pee!” and just want an excuse to run away sans pants. The second we move into our own house and unpack your little potty, we’ll get serious about undies.

Fortunately, you learned how to sleep in your “new bed” on the floor. The pack n play as bed lasted about a month in California before you started climbing in and out by yourself. During naptime you threw out all the sheets and unfolded the velcro that attaches the mattress to the bottom, and then folded the mattress up so you were sitting on the metal frame. You were happy to sit there and play with the bedding for an hour instead of sleeping. It was very bad. So now you sleep on a mattress on the floor, and will probably not have a problem transitioning to a real bed when we move out of Granny and Poppa’s house.

When we found out you were getting a sister, we took pictures at East Rock Park in New Haven. We thought you would cooperate and be pleasant, but we decided to visit some friends one last time before the park. At our friends’ house, you ate a whole plate of cookies and got really cranky and unphotogenic. Fortunately, we had balloons and that helped a little bit.

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You have about 30 more days to have your parents and Granny and Poppa all to yourself. I hope you enjoy it.


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