The best of Stella

The best of Stella

Speaking of “Stella,” who isn’t named Stella these days?! I swear, the only Stellas we knew were in picture books and on TV, but the second our Stella was born, it seemed like everyone else suddenly loved the name too…

Fortunately, our Stella is probably the only one who:

-says “dinosaurs eat rutabagas”

-will sit for 20 minutes in front of Google Images scrolling through pictures of cake

-laughs when we ask “Who is Splat the Cat’s teacher?” (Mrs. Wimpydimple)

-loves garbage trucks, playing in the dirt, Elsa and Sofia the 1st

-stops what she’s doing to stare at you when you sing the words to a song she’s never heard before (and then repeats the words to you a week later after you’ve never mentioned them again, thinking she forgot that she ever heard them)

-correctly identifies all 12 LDS apostles and First Presidency before age 2 (but could care less about counting 1-10 or correctly identifying colors)


Stella 2 mos [5].jpg
2 months
Stella 3mos 4.jpg
3 months
6 months




And these might be my two favorite videos of Stella

Raiding the cookie factory

“Maniacal” Laugh


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