Animal print pants out of control

Animal print pants out of control

These animal print pants, dubbed “kitty jammies” by Stella, have been passed on to Sophie. These pjs are the real reason Stella puts up with Sophie at the moment. More than once, I’ve caught her softly petting the kitty feet of these pajamas while Sophie is wearing them, and trying to put them on herself every chance she gets. I guess we’ll just have to make sure all Sophie’s outfits have cute animal feet to distract Stella from stomping on her.

This week, I discovered that I CAN take pictures in our cave, I mean apartment. There’s just enough light from a window in our bedroom. For the next few years, all the family photos will probably be taken on our bed. Every time I feel the urge to take photos of these monkeys, I almost always talk myself out of it. Stella would rather eat broccoli and wear pants than sit still and get her hair done and follow any sort of verbal instructions whatsoever. Inevitably, these photo sessions end with me resorting to bribery wherein I hear myself telling her she can watch Elsa sing “Let it Go” for 15 more minutes before I’ve thought it through. WHY do I do that? It results in kicking and screaming when it’s time to turn off the phone. EVERY TIME. This is the only reason I know that song word for word. My New Year’s resolution: turn Stella’s Elsa obsession into a Moana obsession. I like Moana because: the movie’s plot actually makes sense; Moana looks like she eats food instead of subsisting on a diet of melted snowflakes; her sidekicks are a pig and chicken instead of a suicidal snowman (even though Olaf’s hopeless optimism is my favorite part of Frozen)… We made a good start on Project Oust Elsa this weekend when Stella watched Moana one and a half times yesterday. She doesn’t ever watch a whole movie two times in a row, except this time, I wanted to watch it so I caved when Stella said, “Watch it again?!” the second the end credits started rolling. And this morning, when I opened her bedroom door, her first words: “Watch Moana?” Instead of “Good morning mommy, I thoroughly enjoyed 10 hours of sleep last night, thank you very much!”

But then, recidivism. Stella sang “Let it Go” rather loudly during Sacrament meeting. I would be fine if she never did that again. But if she sang “How Far I’ll Go” instead-THAT would be impressive. Ugh. Maybe Elsa will always be #1. Gah!

As for Sophie, there’s no reasoning with her.



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