While we were at Granny and Grandpa’s house over Christmas break, Stella was taking a bath (under Granny’s supervision) with the Little People, Dora the Explorer, the Marina, and a large plastic pig. At one point, we are told, Stella turned the Marina upside down, making it a floating platform for a macabre display: she lined up the Little people and Dora in a semicircle around the pig.

Granny: “What are you doing?”

Stella: “I’m sacrificing a pig!” ____________________________________________________________________________________________

We were in a hurry to get everyone dressed and out the door to wherever we were going when Stella ran into our room, dressed in her doctor coat and waving her syringes and otoscope in Jesse’s face, and said, “Dad, can I just take out your appendix real quick?”

So Jesse had to drop what he was doing and lie down on the bed while Dr. Stella administered anesthesia. She got so caught up in taking his temperature that she forgot to remove his appendix. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

At bedtime while reading stories…

Jesse: “Come on, we’re going to read the Billy Goats Gruff.”

Stella: “It’s the Three Billy Goats Gruff, Dad.”

Jesse: “Oh, ok, you’re right.”

[After the part where the biggest goat crosses the bridge and charges at the troll, the force of the crash sends the troll flying off the page]

Stella: “The troll went flying into the forest and the Lamanites ate him!”

Jesse: “Are you sure?”

Stella: “Yeah!”


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