Stella: “Mom, can you kill a person?”


Stella: “Yeah, with the jawbone of a donkey?”

Mom: “Oh, like Samson? No. I’m not as strong as Samson.”

Stella: “Oh. Ok.” ____________________________________________________________________________________________

We were talking about how President Monson had passed away and watching the video tribute of the prophet’s life on lds.org. When his wife, Francis, was mentioned, Stella frowned and said, “Francis is a badger.”

Mom: “Yes, but this was a different Francis. Not the Francis who only eats bread and jam…” ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Stella was playing with clay, cutting it into lumps with scissors and creating mish mashed juxtapositions of various blobs.

Mom: “Stella, what are you doing?”

Stella: “I’m playing Nehor vs. Gideon. And these are the Lamanites.”


One thought on “1/9/18

  1. That is so cute how she thinks about the stories you tell her so much that they become part of her play! She is just thinking all the time!


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