A friend came over this week to bring some pie and whipped cream. Everyone got a little bit after lunch and it was delicious. Dad and Mom were picking at a little piece before putting it away and Dad was going to share a taste with Stella.

Dad: “Stella! Come here!”

Stella: “What?”

Mom: In hushed tones, “No, don’t let her have that.”

Dad: “Nothing!”

Stella: “AHHH! It’s not nice to say ‘Nothing’.”

[Dad subsequently called her back over and shared another little bite.]


The girls have both been pretty sweet to their little brother. Sometimes Stella tells him stories or says sweet things to him. Recently, Stella leaned in close when nobody else was around and whispered…

Stella: “Don’t worry brother. I’ll protect you from the dinosaurs.”



Since Dylan was born, it’s been a period of adjustment for everyone, Stella included. It seems like just like mom and dad, she’s a little more tired than usual. Which means a little more cranky too. When she’s upset about something, she’s been throwing fits–screaming and crying. We’ve been working with her on using words to articulate what’s wrong and how we can help.

After Stella finally settled down after a fit…

Dad: “Why were you so upset? I wanted to help but I didn’t know what you wanted.”

Stella: “I really just wanted you to hold me on the [arm]chair.”

Dad: “Well, I didn’t know that’s what you wanted. If you want me to know what you want, you have to tell me.”

Stella: “Oh!” (lightbulb moment)


Dad was getting Stella ready for bed and was in her room trying to get her clothes on after a bath. Stella gets very protective of her stuff and heard Sophie wandering near some of her stuffed animals and got up in a hurry to save them from little sister.

Dad: ” Stella! Come back here. You need to put your clothes on.”

Stella: “I need to get my animals.”

Dad: “You NEED to get your clothes on. If you don’t come back you’ll be in trouble. 3. 2…”

[Stella runs back into the room.]

Stella: “That was close. You almost knew I was gone.”

Apparently Stella thinks she’s so fast that dad doesn’t know she’s gone…



Today in Sunbeams, the lesson was titled “Jesus and Heavenly Father Love Me.” I was trying to reinforce the main idea by repeatedly asking, “Who loves us?” I think Stella got tired of me asking.

Mom: “Tell me again, who loves us? Heavenly Father and J, J, J…”

Stella: “Jafar!”

Mom: “NO. He didn’t love anybody!” ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Dad and Stella went to Safeway and saw wood for sale piled high outside the store.

Stella: “Hey, look at all that wood, like what they used for Abinadi!” [As in, Abinadi, her favorite Book of Mormon prophet who was martyred and burned to death by the wicked King Noah…]

*Note: As a former reading teacher, Mom is supposed to be proud of these sorts of text to world connections, no matter how macabre they are… ____________________________________________________________________________________________

During dinner prep:

Mom: “Stella, may I put some peas in your bowl?”

Stella: “NO, you can’t. It’s IMPOSSIBLE!” ____________________________________________________________________________________________

We were walking home from the store and approaching a group of high school boys bouncing basketballs on the sidewalk.

Stella [in a really loud voice, while pointing]: “Those boys have balls!”

Mom: “Shhh, yes they do.” [And then laughing]

Stella: “Mom, are you laughing at ME?” ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Stella was playing Great British Baking Show and making “Genoise sponge” cake by tossing Legos and stuffed animals and giant plastic spiders into a bowl…Sophie came along and tried to help…

Stella: “No, Soph! Don’t touch my semolina and strong flour!!!!” ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Dad came home from work and told us about a meeting with a coworker in which they discussed the possibility of us moving to Hawaii for a new position with Kaiser. Stella was eavesdropping at the table:

Stella: “We’re not moving to Hawaii. We’re going to stay in this disgusting house.”

She’s probably right.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________

I asked Stella what we should name baby brother.

Stella: “Captain Hook!”

Mom: “But he was a rapscallion. We can’t name brother after a bad guy.”

Stella: “Well, your baby is a rapscallion.”



While out driving, an orange Lamborghini pulled up just ahead of us in the adjacent lane:

Dad: “Hey, look at that orange Lamborghini! Isn’t it fancy?”

Stella: “Yeah. Our car’s not fancy. It’s black.”

Mom: “How can we make our car fancy?”

Stella: “By cleaning it.” ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Stella went to the dentist this week and on the way to the office we had this conversation:

Stella: “Are you going to the dentist too, Mom?”

Mom: “Yes, but not to your dentist. You get to go to a pediatric dentist, which is a dentist for kids. I have to go to a dentist who only sees adults.”

Stella: “Adults?”

Mom: “Adults are grown ups, like moms and dads. And when you grow up to be an adult, you can see an adult dentist too. Won’t it be nice to grow up and do adult things?”

Stella: “No. That’s the worst thing of all.” ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Sophie was playing with her Sesame Street Bert doll…

Stella: “I want Bert!”

Mom: “Right now it’s Sophie’s turn. You can have a turn when she’s done,” [while restraining Stella and trying to keep her from grabbing the doll from Sophie]

Stella: “But I wanted to roast him in the oven!”





Dad was showing Stella an episode of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The guest was Robert Irwin, who brought several animals on stage. Stella’s favorite was watching the beaver eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on Jimmy’s desk.

Dad: “Look at that beaver eating a sandwich!”

Stella: “Yeah! But he doesn’t even have a plate. He’s getting crumbs everywhere!” ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Mom: “Stella, please take off my shoes and put them away.”

Stella: “I’m just borrowing them!”

Mom: “But I asked you to take them off.”

Stella: “Well, I want them ON!”

Mom: Sigh. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Stella has been watching The Great British Baking Show again…

Stella [talking to herself]: “Now add strong flour and caster sugar and liquid cream, then mustard…mix it together…My Genoise sponge is beautiful, nice and golden!”

Stella: “Look! It’s Holy Poly and Mary Berry!”

* “Holy Poly” is Paul Hollywood… ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Mom: “Stella, come take a bath!”

Stella: “No!”

Mom: “Why not?”

Stella: “Because I’ll smell like dogs’ droppings and the witches will get me!”

We’ve been reading Roald Dahl’s THE WITCHES. A very important part of the story is that witches think clean children smell like dog poop…



Mom made delicious cupcakes this week. Vanilla with lemon curd and plenty of frosting. Stella really enjoyed them.

Stella: “Can I have a cupcake?”

Dad: “I’m sorry, we don’t have any more cupcakes.”

Stella: “You ate them all while I was asleep.”

Dad: “Yeah.” [There had been two left that we ate a couple days ago.]

Stella: “Hey, I wanted one!”



Dad left his razor on the counter and Stella cut herself trying to shave her upper lip. Dad felt really bad and was apologizing to Stella for being careless.

Dad: “I’m so sorry for leaving the razor out. I feel terrible and it’s all my fault. Do you forgive me?”

Stella: “It’s okay, Dad. I’m just really curious, like George.”


Dad was talking with Stella and asking about how her day had gone.

Stella: “Guess what.”

Dad: “What?”

Stella: “I went to work today. I do strategic market planning too!”

Dad: “Really? That’s what I do!”

Stella: “I took a strawberry and a tea sandwich for lunch.”